This is the Portsmouth Street Rod Association in 1999 on their 25th Anniversary. Handsome, good looking bunch ain't it? I'm the guy on the right in front. Click on the picture if you really want to see their faces!

This is a picture of some of my fellow Westchester Street Rod Association members at the swap meet at Rhinebeck in May of 2003. Another handsome bunch, don't you think?

6/30/03. This is Savannah helping me work on my 36 five window coupe that I later sold. She is quite creative in her approach.

The grease and dirt smudges on her face were a big hit in the garage BUT not so well appreciated when I took her back upstairs to her grandma! She DOES know what "GoJo" hand cleaner is!

In late October of 2002, we completed the basic conversion of my chopped coupe from a rumble seat format ...

to a regular "trunk" format which is much more useful to me. Project was complicated by earlier "slicing and dicing" by a prior owner that required complete fabrication of hinge mounting points. Also replaced the sealed rear window with a roll up version at the same time. Special thanks to Jack Fuller for fabricating the new rear drain pan for back window and also the new expanded drain pan for the rear of the trunk.

This is my dog, Kitty. He is a six year old neutered male whose mother was a Rotweiller and his dad was a Newfoundland. 136 lbs of "adventure." He loves having Shadow Weil and Bennie come over. Special thanks to Tom Pesula and his dog, Jasmine, in FL for sharing some "Black Dog Garage" t-shirts with us. Thanks, too, to Lee Bearror for sending along a "Black Dog Garage" hat.

11/19/03. Jerry Robbins, in TX, sent me this pic of his wild 36 Ford coupe that was originally built in CT. Body was sectioned 4 inches, suicide doors w/shaved handles, "freedomed" (can't say "frenched" anymore) license & tail lights, 39 Ply headlights. Jerry is rebuilding the car and updating it with 7 inch LCD TV in dash and megawatt sound system. He hopes to be finished by end of the year if his funds hold out! Stay with it!

November 17, 2003. Here is an update on Bullet showing the addition of the front bumper. GOT to protect that EXPENSIVE grille! HA! HA! Click on "40 pkps" below to see more on the truck. 12/27/04

January 17, 2005. Jerry Robbins sent me this UPDATE on the rework of his three window pictured ABOVE. It goes to the glass shop soon. Keep at it, Jerry! PLEASE compare this picture with the original picture from 2003.

Jerry Kohler, in SC, started with this old Ford pickup and has worked diligently on it for some time in hopes of coming up with a good stablemate to his beautiful 40 Ford flathead coupe. Seems he found some gun shells in his pickup, too; so he nicknamed his pickup, "Bullet 2," in "honor" of my efforts with my 40 pickup.

12/27/04. This is Jerry Kohler's full fleet, decked out for the season. Lizie on the left; the FINISHED "Bullet"; and Mable, the 40 coupe. What a picture! Thanks for sharing.

This 39 convertible is the latest project for Clift Hardin in King George, VA. Clift purchased the car in April of this year. I'm waiting for updates.

THIS 41 woody is WHY I'm waiting for updates on the 39 convertible! Clift, with help I'm sure from his wife, Judi, started the woody restoration in 1995 and completed it in 2001. Looks great!

This is my granddaughter, Savannah Leigh, "reading" one of her favorite magazines, STREET ROD BUILDER. She ACTUALLY ASKS to look at my car magazines. I like it best when she takes one to my wife and asks HER to read it to her! In thirty some years, my wife has not spent much time in street rod magazines...until now!

5/23/2003 Keven Hedrick, head wrench at Auto Muffler King in Newport News, VA, is shown here with the Fat Rat right after he fixed the rear shock crossmember and squared up the four tailpipes on the RAT. Keven's grandfather started the business in 1957. His dad, Don, joined the business and later added Keven as "part time" help at age 8. Don taught Keven to weld when he was 10 and the rest is history! Keven and the whole crew at Auto Muffler King does super work. Thanks Keven for the great repair job! Now the RAT won't be "limping!"